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82 words and phrases to use instead of “good”, “great” and “interesting”. 

Last week I was grading speaking and writing exams of B2 level students and I was appalled at how many times a student can use the words “interesting”, “good” and “great” in a two minute speech or in a several lines of text no matter what they are talking or writing about. Everything seems to be either interesting or good or great: the film is interesting, the cast is great, the special effects are really good. These three adjectives are multi-purpose words and are used to describe pretty much everything, and while they might save some memory resources, I believe that our studends need to learn to tap into the richness of the language and be able to describe things more precisely, because, without a doubt, it is one of the skills they will need in the future.

So I’ve gathered together 82 words and phrases that can be used instead of good, great and interesting. Each word or  phrase is accompanied with a definition, collocations and picture examples of its use in the news, online publications and words of famous and outstanding people.

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