Second Conditionals Communicative Game


To practise the use of second conditionals and vocabulary for technology, devices, gadgets, professions and everyday objects.

Pairs or small groups
Exercise type:
Speaking, guessing words
Second conditional
Technology, devices, gargets, appliances, professions, every day objects
15 minutes
A set of cards with pictures and words on them.
1. The class is divided into pairs.
2. Each of the students gets a set of six cards with words or images on them.
3. The students need to keep the cards to themselves only, and should not show them to anyone.
4. In each of the pairs one of the students picks one of his/her cards without showing it to the others and without telling the others what the word is. Another student has to guess the word from the clues given by her/his partner.
5. All the clues must be given in the form of the second conditional, the students need to pretend that the person who is trying to guess the word already has this object/thing or is that person.

second conditionals game
For example,
If I were you, I would wear a uniform, a mask and I would carry the heavy air-tank on my back.
If I were you, I would drive the fire truck.
If I were you, I would save people and their houses.
Student, who needs to guess the word:
I am a firefighter.
If I had many of them, I would look old.
If I were an old person, I would have a lot of them.
If I had them, I would buy a lotion to get rid of them.
If I were you, I would use it to drink juice.
If I were you, I wouldn’t drop it.
If you worked in a bar, you would have to carry many of them every day.

6. The students take turn giving clues and guessing words.
7. The game continuous until all words are guessed. Alternatively, the teacher can set a time limit and the student who has guessed the most words wins.
8. The game can also be played in groups of three or four.

A printable handout with teacher’s notes can be dowloaded here (>>Guessing game to practise second conditionals<<) and is available on Slideshare


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